Interested In Writing an Article?


Are you interested in living healthy and have some expertise you would like to share by writing an article? That is wonderful! I welcome guest bloggers and will actively help promote all of the guest bloggers that have wonderful sites or products.

Topics of interest are the following:

(These will be placed on a drop down in the Living Healthy section) 

-Healthy care of your skin tips

-Healthy hair care tips

-Healthy cleaning tips


-Mind, peace, meditation and yoga

-Opinion articles about processed foods

-Cookbook reviews (I am open to help promote excellent healthy cook books)

-Documentary reviews about health

-Healthy eating and baking

-New foods that have no chemicals or food coloring that are being introduced to the market

-Healthy snacks that have no chemicals, sugar or food coloring.

Writing an article on Living Healthy Mom will help you in the following ways:

1. You will receive a link back to your site which will help increase your rankings by search engines.

2. You can widen your audience for the topic you write about and gain new fans.

3. Your site will gain my support where your ideas and articles will be promoted.

4. Your article will be distributed through social media and many are placed in the drop down under the category it goes with. (Versus most blogs where they index articles are difficult to find again.)

5. Your name and site will be in the author field.

Guidelines That All Articles Must Follow:

1. It must be unique content that has not been published anywhere else. This helps maintain the integrity of my blog from Google and the same for your site.

2. The article must include a picture that you own or one you created. (You can buy photos on

3. I request that you site resources if you state facts in your article. This can be in the resource section or a link within the article.

4. The article must be about some area of healthy living and be helpful to my readers.  I am quite picky, so I will read your article first before deciding if it is published.

5. Please spell check your article and make sure that it reads well.

6. The article should be written to really help people learn more about healthy living. It is fine if you are selling a product, but write an article that is educational around that product versus a sales pitch. You can write a short overview of the product you sell at the end of the article.

Please e-mail me your article and I will let you know if it will be published within 48 hours. If I decline it, I will tell you why as I appreciate anyone’s interest in contributing great ideas.

Thanks for your interest.

Living Healthy Mom