The Story of Sally And Her Ugly Healthy Cookie


This is the story of a mom named Sally who bought a very ugly  “health food” cookie for her family. Sally had purchased this healthy cookie at the local health food store and it was called   a…….”Fig, Granola, Nut Seed, Oat Bran, Peanut Crunch with Bran” bar.

Have you ever eaten an ugly health food cookie that tasted terrible and forever changed the way that you thought about all healthy desserts?

How The Ugly Healthy Cookie Experience Began

This healthy cookie experience all started when Sally read an article about how eating healthy makes you feel better, helps you loose weight and it is directly linked to the prevention of many diseases.  “Sounds great to me,” thought Sally.

As a mom of two young kids, Sally had been feeling tired and sluggish, lacked energy, and knew she was overweight by at least 20 pounds. Sally also wanted to give her kids the best start in life and worried that she wasn’t feeding them healthy enough foods.

So one day, Sally thought she would give this “health approach” a try. So on the spur of the moment she walked into her local health food store. She loaded up on fruits and vegetables for a big chicken salad, and then thought she would even try a healthy dessert. That is when Sally added the “Fig, Granola, Nut Seed, Oat Bran, Peanut Crunch With Bran” bar to her basket.

Drumroll……Sally Introduces The Ugly Healthy Cookie To Her Family

That night after dinner, Sally was excited about her healthy dessert; hoping that her family would embrace the change with delight. Sally broke the healthy cookie bar into four pieces giving her husband a piece, her kids a piece and herself a piece.
“Mommy, what is this,” her daughter asked with a disgusted look on her face. Sally’s entire family stared down in silence with strange looks on their faces. “This is ugly” her son said.  In the end, Sally’s kids wouldn’t even try the healthy cookie, and complained how ugly it was.

“This doesn’t look like a cookie mommy. What is it?”

Sally’s husband reluctantly took a little bite of the cookie bar, as did Sally who had to agree with her family that the healthy cookie not only tasted terrible, but was completely ugly and not in the least bit appetizing.

The cookie was hard, stale and so densely packed with figs, nuts, seeds, germs, and peanut butter that her husband said “this would make a great hockey puck if it doesn’t break my tooth first.”

This was not exactly the reaction Sally was going for, but she had to agree and chuckle at his comment.

Sally thought to herself, “is THIS WHAT a healthy cookie tastes like? My goodness, healthy cookies are UGLY and taste TERRIBLE she mused. She was frustrated that she had spent $4.50  for a healthy cookie that just wound up in the trash can.

Sally vowed that he was never going to eat a healthy cookie again.

Sally Is Not Alone With “Health Food Gone Bad”

Most people in their lifetime have shared Sally’s experience of eating some HORRIBLE tasting healthy dessert from a health food store that was unbelievably ugly, tasted terrible and didn’t even resemble a sweet treat.

Some new healthy bakers make the same mistakes that I too made and created ugly healthy desserts that didn’t taste great….but they were healthy!

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The GREAT NEWS IS, when you learn a few simple things about healthy baking, you CAN make delicious tasting desserts that are not only very attractive, but they also taste great.

If you are like most people you have shared in Sally’s experience at one time or another in your life. You either tried to make a healthy dessert yourself and didn’t know anything except packing it with whole wheat and honey, and/or you ate one from a health food store.

Regardless, give healthy desserts another shot.

Bake a healthy treat at home and watch your family happily devour it with glee; while you enjoy the deep and quiet satisfaction of feeding your family nutritious, healthy and delicious treats.

Happy baking! Check out recipes for healthy cookies or healthy muffins to start your healthy dessert journey on a joyous path.


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