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With tangerines being in season, you can make delicious home made ice cream with only 10 minutes of preparation! This ice cream recipe makes a delicious, creamy, fresh and fruity ice cream without using ANY white sugar, chemicals and/or food coloring that is contained in most processed ice creams. 

You can make healthy ice cream for your family that tastes better than ANYTHING found in the stores with literally minutes of time.


Not to mention, NOTHING is better than home made ice cream!

You can buy the most expensive brand of ice cream at the store, and it will still not compare to the wonderfully rich home made taste of making your own home made ice cream. Making your own ice cream is so simple to do too.  Read More→

Have you noticed how many different types of Agave you can buy in the store such as “raw agave,” “light blue agave,” “organic agave” and more? What is the difference between “raw agave” and all of the other types of agave syrups that are filling the shelves? Is there a difference, and if so what is it?

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Benefits of Agave Sweetener

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Agave is one of the many natural sweeteners that are available on the market. Agave syrup, otherwise known as Agave Nectar, is very easy to bake with and is ideal for creams and ice creams because it dissolves well in liquids. In addition, Agave enjoys the well known health benefit of having a “low glycemic index” so your kids will not be bouncing off the walls after eating it! You can buy Agave in health food stores and/or online, and is sold as either as RAW AGAVE, organic Agave, or Blue Agave.
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