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Healthy Muffins – Gluten Free – Lemon Muffins

Exciting news! There are big, huge yellow lemons on our very own fruit tree that once stood only a foot tall three years ago. Now this lovely lemon tree towers above our heads with fat, beautiful lemons. Therefore, I had to start baking with lemons!

Making home made lemon muffins you want to use freshly squeezed lemons, because they give your muffins a fresh taste and  an amazing smell that is so refreshing, bright and delicious even after they are made. There is a slight after taste of lemon, that leaves you wanting more.

Have you ever eaten home made lemon muffins? Ohhhhh, if you have not, you have to try making them. I loved them and so did my family! Read More→


Mom’s Apple Muffins With Cinnamon Streusel

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It is almost Mothers Day!

What reminds you more of your favorite “mom” then apples, apple pies, apple cake, apple muffins and everything sweet! My mom is the “apple of my eye,” my dearest friend, and my inspiration to be healthy, learn, and live life with gusto!

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom, and thank her for all the gifts she has given me throughout my whole life. I created this apple muffin recipe in dedication of my dear mom for Mother’s Day 2011.

Please share these apple muffins with your amazing mom and we can eat nutrient rich sweet treats together! Read More→

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The following honey muffin recipe is a sample gluten-free muffin recipe taken from my book “Cooking with Coconut Flour.”

  • All of the recipes in “Cooking with Coconut Flour” are totally wheat free, and only use coconut flour.
  • No other flours are needed for any of the recipes in my book.
  • Gluten free recipes include breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, crackers, pies, and even main dishes like chicken pot pie and chicken and dumpling stew. Read More→
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Perfect Pumpkin Muffins With Carob Chips

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If you love pumpkin muffins, than you have to try the ………………..”Perfect Pumpkin Muffin,” recipe.

YES! These pumpkin muffins are simply PERFECTO!

These easy to make pumpkin muffins take only 10 minute to make and it produces a moist, sweet, pumpkin muffin that is filled with goodness and has a fabulous taste. 

Did you know that the large amount of Vitamin A found in pumpkin have been found to help promote healthy vision and a strong immune system?
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If you love to eat light and airy coconut muffins muffins filled with plump, juicy blackberries, then you have to try this healthy muffin recipe as a wonderful healthy breakfast! These easy to make Blackberry Coconut muffins are one of my favorite Living Healthy Mom muffin recipes. These coconut muffins are filled with nutrients and packed with a fabulous taste that your whole family will enjoy!


Did  you know that coconut sugar has 16 amino acids in it and enjoys one of the lowest glycemic indexes of all sweeteners.

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The Super Sophie Carrot Muffin recipe is a moist, tantalizing muffin that is filled with everything that is healthy for kids, and it tastes amazing! You can eat this healthy muffin for lunch and be totally filled up!

Many moms’ of young kids are concerned about feeding raw carrots to their little ones. The great news is if you shred the carrots up and put them inside of carrot muffins, your little sweeties can enjoy all the health benefits of carrots, in addition to the great taste of terrific, tasting carrot muffins.

DID YOU KNOW? No other vegetable or fruit contains as much beta carotene as carrots. Beta carotene is very important for children as their little bodies convert beta carotene into vitamin “A.” This is important because vitamin A helps support healthy growth and development of children,  tissue and bone repair, healthy eyes, a strong immune system, and healthy, vibrant skin. WOW! Read More→

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Sing a Song Chocolate Chip Blueberry Muffins

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The “Sing a Song” Chocolate Chip Blueberry muffin recipe is a very healthy, nutrient rich, low fat chocolate chip blueberry muffin that only has 170 calories in it. This blueberry muffin is a staple in our home using either grain sweetened chocolate chips, natural sweeteners and whole grain flours.

DID YOU KNOW? Blueberries can help prevent your kids from getting sick, because blueberries increase your child’s immune system.

These chocolate chip

blueberry muffins

are so delicious and so healthy that you just want to “sing a song” when you eat them! 

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The “Mango Banana Muffin Madness” is a  a very light and delicious healthy muffin. These mango banana muffins make a great healthy snack, or a nutritious healthy breakfast. With potassium from the bananas and fiber from the whole grains, bran’s and oats, this healthy mango banana muffin is delectable!

DID YOU KNOW?  Mango is very high in iron and is recommended as a very healthy food for pregnant women to eat.

If you are looking for a high fiber healthy muffin recipe, you will love this  mango banana muffin recipe. The carob chips really add a lot to the taste, as the chocolate taste of the carob chips combined with the banana and the mango is scrumptious. Read More→

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There is NOTHING better than a chocolate  muffin. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I could  create a chocolate chip muffin recipe that was totally divine using all healthy ingredients. The great news I did it. I now know that it is possible to bake living healthy chocolate muffins that are also healthy for kids.

This double chocolate muffin has only 309 calories if you make it as shown, or only 201 calories per chocolate muffin if you take out the chocolate chips. (It is delicious either way!)
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Healthy Banana Muffins with Peaches and Strawberries

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My healthy banana muffin recipe with peaches and strawberries is simply delicious and is best served cold.

I came up with this banana muffin recipe because I had a huge bag of Costco fruit that I used for smoothies. I accidently defrosted two bags of fruit after making a smoothie, so I went to work on creating a tasty muffin so I could use up the fruit. I wasn’t sure how the muffins would turn out, but my kids loved the banana muffin with peaches and strawberries; as they were very light and refreshing.

When you bite into the banana muffin you will love tasting the little bites of strawberries and peaches; with just a hint of banana. It tastes so good! Read More→

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