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I LOVE gluten free flour…………. and I have NO “issues” with gluten. Rather I eat gluten free flour because I love the taste and the health benefits. 

Even f you have NO “issues” with gluten, the wonderful taste and the health benefits of gluten free flour are STAGGERING!

Gluten free flour can be  used to make delicious baked treats that are really healthy for you and offer a variety of tastes that are different from our “wheat based society.” Once you start baking with gluten free flour, you will wonder why you have not always used these amazing flours before!  If you want to know HOW to bake with gluten free flour, READ ON! Read More→

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You may have seen packaging in the stores that say “gluten free,” and/or listened to your friends who now say they are going on a “gluten free diet.”  What does a gluten free diet entail?

What does a gluten free mean and why would a person want to eat a gluten free diet?

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