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Health Benefits of Gluten Free Amaranth Flour

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If you are looking to make gluten free baked goods, or to combine a wonderfully nutrient rich flour with whole wheat flour, then you have to try Amaranth flour. Amaranth is considered to be a super grain like Quinoa flour is and is one of the best complete proteins you can get from plants. 

The National Academy of Sciences reported that Amaranth had a better amino acid balance than cow’s milk or soy milk, and was named as being one of the of the best sources of vegetable proteins there was.
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Are you ready to try another super baking flour that is really healthy for you? Try Blanched Almond Flour and/or almond meal when making healthy cookies or healthy muffins. Blanched almond flour is gluten free and can be used as a main flour or can be combined with other gluten free flours.

Blanched almond flour and/or almond meal add a moist, sweet taste to your baked goods and also share the wonderful health benefits of the super food- the almond.

You can make DELICIOUS tasting desserts using almond flour alone, (if you use a recipe that was designed for this) and/or use a combination of whole grain flours and almond flour, which is my preference.

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Baking Flour – Gluten Free Flour – Amaranth Flour- Quinoa Flour

Remember reading about “Green Eggs and Ham,” from the classic and timeless childhood author Dr. Seuss?

We all know that by eating a healthy breakfast of green eggs and ham, (perhaps without the green) that we will be receiving a powerful, “complete protein”  to start our days off right.

What most people don’t know is that you can eat blueberry muffins, pancakes, waffles, biscotti, cookies and/or scones made with whole grain flours like Amaranth or Quinoa flour, and you can also enjoy a complete protein breakfast, or snack!

 Did you know that eating whole grain muffins, healthy cookies, scones and pancakes made with Amaranth flour or Quinoa flour will offer you the same quality of protein that you would from green eggs and ham?

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Guest Blogger- Cookbook Author – “Cooking with Coconut Flour”

When I first started experimenting with gluten-free baking I quickly became discouraged. It required four or five different types of flour plus an assortment of other ingredients like xanthan gum, vinegar, powdered milk, etc. Baking was a chore and the end result wasn’t always as I expected.

That’s why I fell in love with coconut flour—a relatively new gluten-free flour. Unlike other gluten-free flours you don’t need to combine it with a dozen other ingredients in order to make delicious tasting baked goods. Baking with this wonderful flour is relatively simple. 

Basically all you need is coconut flour, eggs, and oil. Mix them in a bowl and bake. What could be simpler? And the end result is comparable in quality to products made with wheat flour.
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Oat Flour Makes You “Feel Your Oats”

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Oat flour is a fabulously healthy flour to bake with, in addition to the fact that it adds a delightfully sweet taste to whole grain baked goods. With oat flour, you are able to enjoy the same nutritional value that oats have; yet savor the lovely taste that oat flour brings to your whole grain baked goods. Oats, and oat flour is very healthy for everyone to eat on a regular basis, and the best part……… it is DELICIOUS!

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Quinoa flour is one of my favorite healthy flours. Quinoa tastes great and also adds a lightness to baked goods without using white flour. I often combine whole wheat flour and Quinoa flour to achieve a wonderful combination in my healthy baking recipes.

Quinoa flour is really easy to bake with too!

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Whole Wheat- A Healthy Food for Kids and Adults

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Whole wheat is a healthy food for kids, for adults and for your entire family. When eating 100% whole wheat foods don’t forget to include in your menu; whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers, whole wheat pastas, whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat rice, whole wheat cereals and whole wheat flours.

Whole wheat is a very healthy food. It is much healthier to eat than it’s counterpart of refined white flour products. The main reason why processed white flour is not as healthy is because all of the vitamins, minerals and fiber that makes whole wheat such a healthy food, is eliminating and stripped out when making white bread, white flour, white tortillas, white rice, white crackers, and white pasta. Yes, some of the nutrients are added back in as a result of the fortification process, but the nutritional value decreases drastically even with fortification. Read More→

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