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5 Easy Peasy Steps To Squash and Break Any Bad Habit!

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As the beloved mom of your home, do you have any bad habits that you would love to change? Is there something that you are doing that is destructive to your health and/or your well being? Is there something you are doing that you wouldn’t want your kids to follow or emulate?

Bad habits differ with everyone. They could be negative thinking, raising your voice, drinking too much, eating junk food, drinking sodas every day, eating too much sugar, leading a passive life without exercise, eating processed foods, watching too much tv, eating processed foods, gambling, being messy and the list goes on.

Do you have a bad habit you want to change?

The question is WHY do people continue with bad habits? How could all of us know deep down that they are doing something that is bad for your health or well being and not change?

  • Why do people keep drinking soda pop despite all the destructive evidence of what this does to your bodies?
  • Why do people keep smoking when they know they are more likely going to get Lung cancer and a host of other diseases?
  • Why do people not exercise when they know that it is one of the best things you can do to prevent diseases of all kinds and feel so much better each and every day?

The reason is simple.

When we as humans perceive that the BENEFITS we get from continuing our bad habit are GREATER than the perceived benefits of changing the habit; we will not change. It is a basic pleasure/pleasure concept. Yes it’s about pure pleasure with habits. Where do we think we get more. From our habit, or the results of changing our bad habit?

Until the perceived PLEASURE of the changed new habit is greater than the pleasure we currently PERCEIVE we are getting from our bad habit, then nothing will occur.

The wonderful news is it actually EASY to change any bad habit you have by following these 5 simple steps and by deeply and fundamentally understanding this concept. Read More→

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