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Living Healthy | Air Quality Management Pollution Series

How do you know if it is safe to inhale the air you breathe every day? How polluted is the city that you live in?

Did you know that certain cities  in the U.S. have  days and weeks of the year when you really shouldn’t be active outside? This is particularly important for  seniors, young children, people with asthma, and/or people who have lung and/or  heart issues.

The great news is, you can help manage how you handle unclean air,  even if you live in a very polluted city. The first step is knowing what your situation is.

For every city in the U.S., you can find out what the air quality is on any given day just as easy as you can find out what the weather is. This is known as  the Air Quality Index.

Some parts of the country have such good air that you really don’t need to monitor it, while other parts of the country have days that are literally not safe to play outside.

Living in Southern California, I have compiled a list of tools to make it easy to know which days you should stay inside and when it is safer to play. Read More→

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