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Bright Eyed 3 Grain Banana Pancakes

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Enjoy having a sweet banana aroma swirling through your home in the morning while your delicious healthy banana pancakes are sizzling on the griddle. These nutrient rich banana pancakes are made from healthy whole grain flours, bananas, bran’s, raw honey, almond milk and non fat yogurt; all of which taste fabulous!
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The Super Sophie Carrot Muffin recipe is a moist, tantalizing muffin that is filled with everything that is healthy for kids, and it tastes amazing! You can eat this healthy muffin for lunch and be totally filled up!

Many moms’ of young kids are concerned about feeding raw carrots to their little ones. The great news is if you shred the carrots up and put them inside of carrot muffins, your little sweeties can enjoy all the health benefits of carrots, in addition to the great taste of terrific, tasting carrot muffins.

DID YOU KNOW? No other vegetable or fruit contains as much beta carotene as carrots. Beta carotene is very important for children as their little bodies convert beta carotene into vitamin “A.” This is important because vitamin A helps support healthy growth and development of children,  tissue and bone repair, healthy eyes, a strong immune system, and healthy, vibrant skin. WOW! Read More→

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