Living Healthy Baking- A Sweet Approach To Healthy Kids


Have you ever made healthy cookies, healthy muffins, or healthy desserts that your kids LOVED?

It is the most wonderful felling to bake with sweet aromas in your home and then watch your kids devour your healthy cookie with excitement. A huge aspect of living healthy and enjoying life is eating good food; including sweet treats.  

Sweet tasting desserts are such a lovely part of life, and who ever said that these goodies had to be unhealthy for us?
The great news is YOU CAN bake amazing tasting treats that are healthy for kids, yet still taste great for your entire family. With the living healthy baking approach you can bake  homemade healthy cookies and healthy muffins  that kids love, without feeding them bleached white flour, white sugar, empty calories and numerous food chemicals and additives that are placed in the processed baked goods we buy.

There is not a better feeling in the world than watching my 2 year old daughter Sophie LOVE her healthy muffins knowing they are so good for her little body!

Living Healthy Mom is dedicated to providing countless recipes including; healthy muffins, healthy cookies and healthy desserts, in addition to  providing interesting articles  and research about healthy living in regards to baking. My goal is to provide inspiration,  a way to connect with other moms who have a passion for healthy living, to help moms bake healthy foods for their kids and provide researched articles on healthy food,  “how to” baking tips, and an easy method of how to bake so it is healthy for kids, yet also taste great!