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After trying dozens of different IPAD applications for cooking, I struggled to find ONE that would enable me to create my own healthy baking recipes and save delicious recipes from the  internet.
Would you like to learn about a WONDERFUL IPAD/IPHONE cooking application that will help you save time preparing meals, help keep you organized, enable you to create your own recipes, and empower you to only have 1 digital cookbook where you can download ANY recipe from the internet you want?

Drumroll…..the application I use to create all my healthy baking recipes is called Paprika. This application is available for $4.99 at the apple store for the IPHONE and IPAD. (To date I have only used it with the IPAD.)

You can label the categories to be anything you would like.

The Four Ways I Use Paprika When Cooking and Baking

One of the most time consuming aspects of cooking for a mom is figuring out WHAT you are going to prepare that night for your family. Doesn’t it feel like as soon as you decide on one meal, you are having to prepare for the next. Also, once you have created some of your favorite recipes, how do you store them so you can easily retrieve them again?

Paprika has been a wonderful aid in helping me create new healthy baking recipes and helping me prepare dinner at night for my family.

#1: Digital Cookbook- My Favorite Recipes Are In One Place

My recipe books are hardly ever opened any more, except as excellent reference materials to continue to learn how to cook and bake well in a healthy way.

A decorative recipe stand decorates the granite on my kitchen island, where I can place my beloved IPAD on it whenever my cooking and baking adventures begin.

Every field is customizable, the ingredients, title and how to cook.

The Paprika application lets you label each category however you wish; and in my case I have categories for things like:

  • Green Salads
  • Unique Salads
  • Fish
  • Salmon (Our favorite)
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Roasting
  • Under 10 minutes
  • Vegetables
  • Favorite cookbook recipes
  • Quick and easy dinners
  • Dinner parties
  • Appetizers
  • Picnic food
  • Heaalthy muffins
  • Healthy cookies
  • Healthy breakfast foods
  • Gluten Free Recipes

You can also put recipes in multiple categories to make it easy to find them.

This application lets you search for a specific recipe, or you can view the categories to get some ideas.

#2. Download Recipes From Cooking Sites- Modify Them To Your Needs

When you search for a recipe online, you no longer have to print the recipe and save it into a large pile of other paper recipes that are spattered with food; all of which usually gets lost. Instead, you can download the recipe right to your IPAD. How did our Grandmother’s do it!

You Can Easily Copy Any Recipe on the Internet, Including Living Healthy Moms Recipes

Many of the large cooking sites are integrated with Paprika with a “one touch interaction,” where other smaller sites it is still quite easy to copy and paste with their easy program. One click automatically highlights either the title, the ingredients or the directions. Sites that are not integrated you can request for an integration to be done. (PLEASE DO SO WITH LIVING HEALTHY MOM!)

The great news, is you can then CUSTOMIZE  existing recipes that you download. Say you have a recipe for Salmon and it calls for salt as a simple example, you can change it to say sea salt. Or perhaps you have a new sauce you want to add to the recipe, this application lets you do this and save it forever! Perhaps you have tried this recipe with Tilapia and it it was delicious, you can save it that way! The sky is the limit! The best part is it retains the link of where you found the recipe in the first place.

#3. Create Your Own Recipes

My favorite part of this cooking IPAD application is you can create your own recipes, and then make notes how they turn out.

I create all of my Living Healthy mom baking recipes and track the progress of it using PAPRIKA!
 For example, if I created a muffin recipe and it was too dry, I can then analyze my ingredients and the next make adjustments. I make notes on what I changed and then notes on the results of that change. The learning process is wonderful in fine tuning your skills and the digital documentation makes it easy.

Many of my recipes I have worked on 12 different times before getting the final one. Paprika makes it easy to do this.

#4. Save All Your Favorite Recipes from Cookbooks, Your Mom or Your Grandma!


Yes it is true that all moms have those wonderful, time tested recipes from cookbooks that our families love to eat, and/or recipes that have been passed on from your mom, or your mom’s mom!
The great news is that you can add these recipes to your digital IPAD cookbook, and then you have all your favorite recipes together in one place.

TIP: Use a stand for your IPAD so it is not sitting on the counter with water and food. Once you find the right stand, you will love using your IPAD for cooking and baking.

I hope you enjoy this IPAD cooking application as much I as do!


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