How To Prevent 1 Billion People From Being Overweight


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With over a billion people in the world who are overweight, do you want to know one skill that can help prevent your family from getting fat AND also help make your family healthier at the same time?

Here it is. The single most important skill that a mom and/or dad can learn to prevent obesity and increase the health of their children  is to learn how to bake and cook HEALTHY meals, versus buying processed foods and/or eating fast food.

Believe it or not, healthy cooking and healthy baking can become so much fun that you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. The satisfaction is immense when you watch your kids eat foods you cooked from scratch that are also healthy for them.

Tim Lang, professor of Food Policy at the City University of London, backed the report that over 1 billion people in the world are overweight and one of the best ways to help prevent this is to cook healthy meals versus buying processed foods.”

Lang said, “probably the single fastest way to reduce strokes in this country is to half the amount of salt that’s added to processed food. We also need to teach people basic cooking skills so they can turn fresh fruit and vegetables into things they want to eat.”

Healthy Baking and Basic Cooking Skills Increase The Health of Kids

When a mom and/or dad do not have have any knowledge of how to bake healthy foods, or cook healthy meals,  it is very easy to buy nothing but processed foods in the stores, and/or to eat out at fast food restaurants that are not good for your health. When you buy processed foods such as lasagna in the box, prepared mexican food in a box, processed muffins or cookies from most mixes, you are not increasing the health of your family with these foods.

A Huffington Post article reported that 28% of people in the U.S. do not know how to cook. I wonder if the statistics are actually higher if you believe you are “cooking” when you  buy a box of lasagna at the store and put it in the oven, or using a pancake mix to make pancakes. This is not cooking, just like it is not baking when you take a cookie mix and add eggs to it. There are no health benefits of this option.

Learning How To Bake or Cook Healthy Foods Is Not Difficult And The Health Benefits Are Enormous

As a culture we are loosing the knowledge of how to cook, yet there are so many meals that are simple to make!

I think one of the reason why people feel that cooking is difficult  is because when a mom looks at list of 100 ingredients on the back of a package, it makes it seem like it would be very difficult to make.
The reality is that making a lasagna is not a difficult thing to do, and the difference in health between a home made lasagna and a processed food lasagna is staggering The difference between whole grain home made cookie and Oreos is not comparable.

Happy healthy baking and cooking!


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