How to Make Home Made Ice Cream In a Bag With Your Kids


Home Made Ice Cream – Ice Cream In A Bag

It is amazing how being a mom introduces you to some of the most simple things in life. It seems that adults have such a tendency to complicate matters like how to make  home made ice cream.

Watch a FUN video of my little 2 and a 3 year old kids making home made ice cream using zip lock bags!

Memories Of Home Made Ice Cream Came Back To Me

There is NOTHING better than home made ice cream.

I actually forgot how amazing home made ice cream tasted until I made home made ice cream in a bag with my son. I have fond memories as a kid of eating home made ice cream that was dreamy, creamy, fresh and so delicious; not comparable to store bought ice cream.

Who would of thought my inspiration to make home made ice cream would come as a result of my 3 year son’s “Young Scientist” class.

Home Made Ice Cream in A Bag Discovered At My 3 Year Old’s Class

It all started a few weeks ago when I took my son to our  “Mommy and Me” Science program. One of the activities that day was make to make home made ice cream in a bag.

I kid you not!  The  ice cream we made that day  WAS BETTER than any of the ice cream that I have purchased at the store.

How We Made Home Made Ice Cream In A Bag

1. We put a cup of milk, three tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla in a small plastic zip lock bag. (That is it!)

Note: For a healthier version, you can use coconut sugar instead, coconut milk, almond milk and/or any ice cream recipe.

2. Then we took a larger zip lock freezer bag and put ice and rock salt inside of the larger bag.

3. We placed the small zip lock bag inside of the bag that had the rock salt and ice inside of it.

4. Then the kids had fun shaking the two combined bags until it turned into home made ice cream within 15 minutes of so. This simple bag of ice cream created BETTER tasting ice cream than any expensive store bought ice cream that I have purchased at the stores.

Note: You can also use cans that nestle in one another instead of zip lock bags. The kids can roll the larger can around until the ice cream is set, and/or until it spills all over your floor! (Lets hope not!) No I have not had the will to try this approach yet.

Happy Ice Cream Making With Your Kids!

Stay Tuned For Recommendations of a Great Ice Cream Maker That Does The Shaking For You, and Healthy Ice Cream Recipes That Your Whole Family Will Love!

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  1. Kitten says:

    Thanks my son is a vegan and he loved this ice cream now we make it every day