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Potty training. ARG. What an ordeal this can be. Thank goodness with a capital “T” that I am done with that. I promised myself when I finally figured out a way to rid myself of diapers, I would share it with others mommies. 

You might be asking, WHY is a potty training article on a blog site that is all about healthy baking and healthy eating? Read on!

If you no longer have babies, you can remember back on the good ole days of potty training and smile that YOU ARE DONE!

Once Upon a Time a 2 and a 3 Year Old Needed to Be Potty Trained

My husband and I have two kids that are 11 months apart. YICKES is right…….and yes this is humanly possible. I am not kidding when I say that we were changing diapers like crazy people, which is how it makes you feel after awhile …..CRAZY!  As soon as I changed the one diaper, the other needed it. Then we would almost be out the door, and VOILA! Another diaper to change. It was hard to go anywhere, it was rather distasteful, and diapers are very expensive. 

I wanted some  answers  so much came close to buying a $99 internet program on how to potty train your kids in 3 days! I was desparate for a solution and everything I tried did not work. My son would not even try to sit on the toilet, and his little sissy followed the lead of BIG BROTHER.

I knew one thing, that I wanted this diaper changing, crazy times to END and end quickly! I had explored every idea about potty training, when you should do it, if you should do, and how you should do it. Looking back, I was trying everything.

I was reading them potty training stories at night, we watched the Elmo goes potty CD, and checked out every single one of the library books that our library had on the topic-11 books!

Three Concepts of  How To Potty Train My Kids Merged Together at 3am

One early morning, after reading all of the books, talking to friends, watching videos and trying my own ideas, I awoke at 3am with AN IDEA! It felt like I finally had a rock solid, firm plan of how to approach this situation. YES! It was going to be the END of diapers, changing tables and wipes and guess what, IT WORKED!

My Three Point Plan

#1. To stay home for a whole week and get them potty trained. Put them in underwear and tell them diapers are gone. Basically it was “the sink or swim,” approach and yes, and I was frighted that I would sink in you know what.

#2. I decided that for my situation,  I would have to potty train my daughter and son AT THE SAME time. If one did it, the other would follow.

#3. To give them a “treat” every time they went potty. I came upon this idea from a dear friend that had used candy every time they went potty and it worked like magic! Her two kids that were also close in age and were potty trained before anyone I knew. Now my girlfriend doesn’t typically give her kids candy, but she decided to use it for this instance because it WORKED.

I mused about her success. The ease she had of going places. She took them to the bathroom easily and effortlessly  as I laid out my changing mat on the grass. No more diapers I thought. Her success was astonishing, but my challenge was that I REFUSED to give my kids candy as a reward.

But that morning at 3am, it came to me. Why not use the healthy baking approach. I needed something delicious that was small, easy to carry with me, healthy for them, but SWEET!

The 5 Day Potty Training Adventure With Carob Chips

CAROB CHIPS were perfect. Carob is naturally sweet, does not have the stimulant that chocolate has and does not contain sugar. In addition, carob is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Carob chips were the perfect potty training sweet treat.

So the week after Christmas after my daughter had just turned 2 and my son had just turned 3, my 5 day urine fest was about to begin. In all honesty, I was dreading this week with a wild imagination of wet floors everywhere.

I didn’t sleep much the night before and finally the morning came.  I announced to the kids that they were “big kids” now and were no longer going to wear diapers. Sophie had her princess underwear and Max had his Spiderman underwear. I told them, that every single time they went potty, they would get sweet and yummy carob chip treat. (I would give them about 6 of them each time)

By 9am, they both had wet their pants twice. Down deep I wasn’t sure I could last a week or even a whole day, but I remained calm and didn’t say anything when I cleaned it up. I told them next time they felt they had to go, to do it in the toilet and they would get carob chips.

I gave them each a carob chip to remind them of what they would get and they both started saying, “I want carob chips.” I told them…..”go on the potty then.”

GUESS WHAT! I couldn’t believe it. They did!

They both went in the toilet by 11am and were SO excited to get carob chips. I did the wild and crazy dance that mommies do…..the ecstatic, okay nothing is better than this……………”they went potty dance.” Called my husband, my family, my friends with the GREAT NEWS…..the kids both went on the potty!

Sometimes they would go potty, get their chips and run back in the bathroom to see if they could go more. It was unbelievable. These carob chips were actually motivating the kids to want to go in the toilet.

For 5 days, we stayed close to home and they had not one more accident. They could not WAIT to go potty and then come back to the table to eat their chips. I felt good because carob chips are healthy for kids and this was working. It was working so much that on the fifth day I ventured out to a playground that had really nice potties and brought the carob chips with me. They both went in the potty and enjoyed their 6 carob chips they received.

The entire week, we only had 3 accidents, including the first two that happened before 9am.

YES! Thank you carob chips!

My Point of This  Carob Chip, Potty Training Story

First and foremost, I just wanted to share what worked for me. It may or may not work for you, but I know that all ideas are welcome for a mom in need of potty training solutions. Secondly, I just wanted to suggest that you can offer a sweet treat that is healthy for your kids. I only needed to use carob chips as a reward for about 2 weeks…and then told them they were big kids now and didn’t need carob chips to go in the potty.

In saying that, I still use carob chips to this day as a reward for other things. My daughter is almost 3 and my son is almost 4. If they behave well in a situation, they don’t fight, they do what they are told at a special place, well they get a few carob chips. (As moms you know those times when you need a little extra something on your side)

The novelty of carob chips has never worn off and it has helped me in so many situations including potty training. I hope this post helps you too!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Oh my gosh, what a great idea. My daughter has a whole host of allergies, and we only eat whole foods, and this is PERFECT thank you!!!

  2. I applaud your decision to use positive reinforcement techniques at this time, which could be a traumatic experience when not done properly. Imagine if you didn't reward them for using the toilet, but you punished them every time they went in their pants. They would be stuck with a life-long trauma of doing the most natural of all things and who knows what problems that would have caused them later on. But this way, and especially with healthy treats, they were both potty trained in no time and without psychological scarring. And I think it was great that you trained them both at the same time even though they are almost 1 year apart. So, all in all, great job, and thanks for the tips!
    Hugs, Flora

  3. Caris says:

    Hi Living Healthy Mom!
    I am a young SAHM of a 2 y.o. girl. I was wondering what you did about nighttime & naptime. Did your kids already have a pattern of dry nights? Did you have to use training pants & change during the night any? Or did you keep diapers for sleeping? (Doesn't seem like you would if "the diapers are gone.") My d.d responds very well to "5 days and done" type training for other issues, but she still tends to wet as a way to wake herself up in the morning I think! She is very stealthy about it anyhow. Thanks for any advice you can lend about sleeping & potty training. LOVE that carob chips idea!

    • Living Healthy Mom says:

      Hello Caris,

      To answer your question, after my 1 week of carob treats…..we NEVER wore a pull up while the kids were awake.

      However, my little boy still uses pull ups at night and he is 4. Sometimes he is wet and sometimes he isn't. He normally sleeps from 7:30 to 7:30….a long time.

      My little girl is 3 and uses no pull ups at night, and stopped at 2 1/2. From my reading it takes longer for boys to control at night than girls, particularly in a deep sleep.

      For the first 6 months after they were potty trained during the day, I kept them in pull ups for naps. I sang and danced when they woke up dry. If they didn't, just quietly cleaned up, not a big deal. Soon neither one of them ever woke up wet during a nap, so we no longer use any pull ups for naps.

      My carob approach was GREAT for get them to start using the bathroom in the daytime…..and it only took a few days.

      The night time is a different issue; and your daughter is so young I wouldn't be worried about it. Kids need to develop that control, she may be scared to get up at night, not have the bladder control, or simply in such a deep sleep she doesn't know she has to go potty. etc…….

      Thanks for writing and hope these thoughts help.
      Living Healthy Mom

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