Bran Muffin Power


Bran muffins are a wonderful food to use as a heathy snack for children, to add as a lunch time goodie, and/or to savor as a very healthy breakfast option. Bran muffins made from scratch are so much healthier than if you buy a bran muffin from the store. Often the factories fill them with high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, and hydrogenated oils; where at home you can use all natural ingredients.

Bran muffins are delicious and healthy for kids

Bran Muffin Recipes to Enjoy!

This delicious bran muffin combines quinoa flour and whole wheat flour for an added protein punch. The carob chips, raw honey and maple syrup provide a sweeter taste without using white sugar, and the oat bran and wheat bran together provide a gourmet healthy bran muffin that fills you up and makes you feel great.

Why Eat Bran Muffins?

Bran muffins can be made so they are packed full of goodness to help start your family’s day off right. Since eating a bran muffin is very healthy for kids, you can include them in your kid’s school lunch without worry, and/or even use a bran muffin as a healthy dessert topped with honey.

Health Benefits of a Bran Muffin:

Bran muffins are certainly part of a healthy living lifestyle.

One cup of wheat bran contains 99% of the US recommended  (RDA) supply of protein and fiber, and 34% of the RDA for iron. That is very impressive.

Common brans that are very tasty to use in bran muffins are rice bran, wheat bran and oat bran.

  • Wheat bran is  high in protein, magnesium, manganese,  niacin, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and zinc. Wheat bran is also low in fat, has no cholesterol and is a wonderful natural laxative to make sure your kids have healthy cycles.
  • Oat bran is another common bran found in bran muffins. Oat bran has  beta-glucan in it which is known for being helpful in stabilizing blood sugar.
  • Rice bran is a non-gluten food and is filled with vitamins and minerals and makes wonderful bran muffins.

I like to use a combination of brans in my bran muffins so you get the health benefits of all of them.

By stabilizing blood sugar, our kids won’t be wild and crazy if they eat a bran muffin for breakfast. Most importantly, they will be alert and ready for school.

The problem is when you order a bran muffin thinking you are getting a healthy food, often the factory filled it with fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils making the muffins not healthy at all.