Healthy Muffins


Healthy muffins can be made to be delicious and a quick meal for kids that will fill them up. These fiber rich muffins are loaded with vitamins, minerals and even protein, and make great snacks for kids, a quick breakfast when you are in a hurry and/or a delicious dessert. Whole grain muffins only take 15-20 minutes on average to make from beginning to end and they add a wonderful aroma in the house when you are baking them.

Healthy muffins are very filling, because they are loaded with so many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber that comes from the whole grain flours and natural sweeteners. As result, these hearty muffins make WONDERFUL lunches for kids either at home, in picnic baskets or school lunches.

My 3 year old boy Max loves eating his healthy muffins drizzled with raw honey


My favorite healthy muffins are listed below. I will update a new muffin recipes every week that use whole grain flours and natural sweeteners such as coconut sugarmaple syrup, raw honey, Sucanat, and date sugar.

I love to experiment making muffins that good for the entire family, and I hope you enjoy baking these as much as I do. This list will keep growing and growing, so be sure to sign up for e-mail posts to receive new recipes to your inbox.

Gluten Free Healthy Muffins: