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San Francisco Fast Food Chain Restaurants No Longer Allowed To Put Toys in Happy Meals and McDonalds Still Gets Around It
Dec 01, 2011
San Franciso is trying to prevent restaurants from making foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt even more enticing by adding toys to them. Starting today, it is no longer allowed to put toys inside of things like Happy Meals.

However, I was shocked to learn that McDonalds is getting around this new law by making it available to spend .10 cents to buy the toys. I think this is a disgrace and should not be allowed. Read more on this story


Schools Undermine Healthy Eating for Kids
March 11, 2011-Edmonton Journal-If you are  a parent who works hard to feed your kids healthy foods, than you know the sheer frustration of not having your school co-operate with your plans. A recent article to the Edmonton Journal outlined that schools often times have programs that are completely opposite of what the parents are trying to accomplish regarding healthy eating for their kids. Rewarding kids for good behavior with “sweets,” or having “Donut Days,” where kids can purchase donuts as a school fundraiser are a few of the examples that were mentioned.

March 9, 2011- Kid’s Learn Healthy Food Choice
Galvenston’s “The Daily News” reported about a wonderful program called “Kids in the Kitchen.” The goal of this program is to empower youth to understand healthy eating choices and be able to make informed decisions.