Decorate Valentine Cookies With a Healthy Food Dye


It’s almost Valentine’s day and many moms are planning on decorating pretty red and pink cookies, muffins,  and/or cup cakes for their sweeties.

I agree that it is a lot of  fun to make pretty cookies that are decorated in pinks and reds, but the problem is that food dye in frosting recipes is very unhealthy for kids and adults to eat.

Why not make your frosting recipe healthier by using a healthy food dye?

The great news is, you can still decorate your cakes, cookies, muffins and cup cakes a light pink and/or a bright red without using any food dye in your  frosting recipe. All you need is a “beet.”

Beets Are A Simple, Natural Red Food Dye-Wonderful To Use in Frosting Recipes

For a living healthy approach to decorating cookies, when you making your favorite frosting recipe and it calls for a red dye or a pink dye, all you have to do instead is substitute beet juice. Instantly, you will have a much healthier frosting.

This is a healthy frosting made with cream cheese, honey and beet juice as the food dye. It is such a pretty pink color.

Beets are naturally sweet, very healthy for you and have such a beautiful pink to bright red color to them; all depending on how much you use.

  • Don’t worry, your frosting will not taste like beets.
  • You will only need  1/2 teaspoon to a tablespoon of beet juice, depending on the color you are looking for.
  • Beet juice secretes juice right after you open it. You will even notice your hands turning red holding the beets.

Two Approaches To Using Beets As a Healthy Food Dye To Make Your Frosting Recipe


If you have a juicer, simply put the beets in the juicer and make beet juice. You can also freeze beet juice and use in the future when you are baking cookies and need a healthy food dye.

  • 1/2 teaspoon to a tablespoon of beet juice is all you will need to make your frosting recipe light pink. Use more beet juice for a darker color.
  • If you are looking for a bright red frosting, using the actual beet juice is the best approach.

    Color created by mixing a beet with the frosting

    If you do not have a juicer, then you can use the second approach.

  • First peel the beet, or then cut off the skin off with a knife.
  • Cut the beet up into 8 different sections and put all the beets in the bowl of your finished frosting.
  • Simply move the beets around the bowl, and let them secrete their amazing, vibrant color into the frosting.
  • Remove beets when you get the color you are looking for.
  • You can create a very pretty link pink frosting using this approach.
  • Health Risks of Using Red and Pink Food Dye in Frosting Recipes

    If you are wondering about why food dye is not healthy for kids,  I recommended looking at the comprehensive chart that the “Center for Science in The Public Interest”  created detailing the most common food dyes and the health impacts that are directly. Why Are Food Dyes Harmful

    Another great article to read is: Food Coloring

    Happy Valentines Day!

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    3. Kate says:

      I didn’t download the PDF but I did read the linked article.

      I too am weary of ingesting thing that are touted as safe when they may not be.

      But, I’ve seen many “suggest” and “may” in articles of this nature. While I do think it’s better to use natural ingredients, saying the dyes are dangerous when they haven’t yet been proven so is also dangerous. Correlation is not causation. Also sensitivities don’t mean compounds are dangerous. Peanut allergies can sometimes lead to death but peanuts aren’t a dangerous food and peanut allergy treatment includes exposure to peanuts.

      I’ll be making a Valentine’s Day cookie recipe that requires 3 drops of red food coloring. I have no qualms about using a measly 3 drop amount and no one else should either. Fear-mongering is more unhealthy than 3 drops of red dye.