Healthy Cookies


Healthy cookies are wonderful to give to kids as desserts and snacks. As a mom with two kids under the age of 3,  I don’t believe in giving my kids white flour, sugar and empty calories that spikes their blood sugar and provides no nutrients. The great news is I can bake nutritious cookies that my kids LOVE and feel great feeding it to my family.

Enjoy drinking your coffee and eating a whole grain Biscotti with no white sugar; which is actually a healthy cookie.

Who says that cookies have to be bad for you? You can bake  cookies that are very nutritious and very tasty!

It is so much fun to make healthy cookies that look like their unhealthy counterparts, yet they are filled with wonderful nutrients to help your kids grow strong, excel in school, feel more alert and have tons of energy to play and enjoy their lives.

Recipes For Healthy Cookies:

What Is The Difference Between Healthy Cookies and Unhealthy Cookies?

1. They do not have trans fats in them, as so many of the store bought cookies do.

2. They  do not use hydrogenated oils and/or partially hydrogenated oils that are harmful to our health.

3. They are not loaded with empty calories that come from only baking with white flour. (Empty calories don’t give us nutrients our body needs and they make us want to eat more. This is one way that people get fat)

4. They do not use white refined sugar; which has been documented to provide no nutritional value and has been proven to have many harmful health effects.

What Are Healthy Cookies Made Out Of?

1.  Healthy cookies include sugar substitutes such as raw honey, pure maple syrup, Agave syrupdate sugarSucanat, coconut sugar, and fruit purees to sweeten the cookies. These natural sweeteners all have different benefits that far outweigh the lack of nutrition that white sugar offers.

2. They use a limited amount of butter, and instead use more baking oils like olive oil and grape seed oil. Fruit purees are also often substituted for the fat that is in the recipe.

3. They use a combination of whole grain flours to provide wonderful nutritional value, fiber, vitamins and minerals to every cookie.

Whole wheat flour alone typically does not produce a good tasting  cookie, but when you combine whole wheat with other flours such as coconut flour, amaranth flour and oat flour, you can bake delicious, very nutritious cookies that no  one would even know are good for you.

There is nothing better than watching your child devour a whole grain cookie with glee, and you as mom knowing it is a very healthy food.

Baking Tips When Making  Cookies

1. Flatten the Cookies Before Baking: Many of the recipes for healthy cookies do not use butter and/or white sugar. Therefore, these cookies do not naturally flatten when they are baked.

– Before you bake your cookies, flatten them BEFORE they are cooked.

2. How To Store Whole Grain Cookies: Be sure to store your cookies at room temperature in a covered container after you bake them. Storing them in the refrigerator has a tendency to dry them out.

-Freeze any of the additional healthy cookies that you wish to eat past 2 days and take out of the freezer when you want to eat them.

3. Be sure not to overcook them. If you start smelling that the cookies are done, this is often an indication that they are done. Cookies without butter can easily become dry if they are cooked even a few minutes too long.

4. Chocolate: If you want to include chocolate chips in your cookies, you can buy grain sweetened chocolate chips that are delicious and not sweetened with sugar. Carob chips are also a wonderful alternative to use when baking nutrient rich cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Eat More Healthy Cookies and Not Get Fat Since They Are Healthy?

This is a great question and the answer is yes and no. You can eat more healthy cookies because they are very good for you. If you ate 2 regular cookies a day, you would be given your body 0 value of nutrients. Healthy cookies will fill you up and provide with you with fiber, vitamins, minerals and even protein depending on how they are made.

Like everything, moderation is still important. You want to make sure you eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Just because the cookies have a very solid nutrition value doesn’t mean you can’t gain weight if you eat too many.

2. Do Healthy Cookies Look Different Than Unhealthy Cookies?

Yes they CAN look a lot different, and that is where they got their bad rap. The good news is they don’t have to. By combining whole grain flours and using a combination of various sweeteners, you can produce a really attractive looking cookie that your kids will not know the difference.

3. How Can Healthy Cookies Be Used With Kids?

Everyone likes something sweet. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to bring delicious cookies  to a play date that provide your kids with as much nutrition as a sandwich and fruit would. You can bake and freeze them as snacks or  desserts for your kids.

4. Can You Eat Them For Breakfast?

This is a great question. The answer is YES! If you think about all of the horrible things that we give our kids in the morning to eat for breakfast from pop tarts, doughnuts, sugar cereal, white flour pancakes with (high fructose corn syrup) pretend maple syrup, white bread toast…the list goes on. So YES! If you give kids healthy cookies they will receive all the nutrients they need to start their day.

The flip side of this question is I DO NOT give my kids  cookies for breakfast even when they have as much nutrition as a muffin would. The reason is I don’t want them to get in the habit of thinking they can eat cookies for breakfast. When they grow up, not all the cookies that they are served will be healthy. Therefore, I want to start their good eating habits now. I give them healthy muffins, whole grain  pancakes, eggs, granola cereals etc instead.

Happy baking!

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