Healthy Baking Lets You Have Your Cake and Be Healthy Too


Who ever made up the rule that baked goods had to be “bad” for us? I mean really. As a culture, how did we decide that all baked goods were going to have  NO nutritional value, spike our blood sugar, make us fat and sluggish, not satisfy our hunger, provide empty calories, and be filled with toxic chemicals and additives; all of which are directly linked to obesity and numerous diseases?

Why not eat delicious treats that are also healthy for our bodies!

It is the most wonderful feeling to bake with sweet aromas in your home and then watch your kids devour your HEALTHY baked treats with excitement!

Changing the Rules With Healthy Baking

Healthy baking is different from traditional baking because it has the goal of making delicious tasting baked goods that are ALSO nutritious and healthy for your body.  I assure you that you can do both. Many of my healthy baking recipes you would not even know were “healthy.” They have been sampled by children and adults with great success. The more I bake, then more I learn and the more delicious the recipes become.

Once you start engaging in the pure fun and joy of healthy baking for your family, you will never want to go back to eating empty calories and sugar laden foods.

The great news is with healthy baking, you no longer have to make a choice between “health,” or eating baked goods.  Now you can easily and quickly bake amazing tasting treats that make you and your family feel healthy, happy and FANTASTIC!

Healthy Baking Is Fun and So Rewarding!

I warn you, healthy baking can quickly become a sport, a hobby filled with purpose and something you get so much satisfaction from that you never want to go back to the way “things used to be.”

The great news is  you no longer have to make a choice between “health,” or eating baked goods.  By using healthy baking recipes you can easily and quickly bake amazing tasting sweet treats that make you, your husband and your kids feel happy and healthy!

With the living healthy baking approach you can bake  homemade healthy cookies, healthy breakfast treats, cakes, ice cream, pies, brownies, and healthy muffins, pastries, tarts, pudding and desserts that kids love, without feeding them empty calories of bleached white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, and numerous food chemicals and additives that are placed in the processed baked goods we buy.

It is a load more fun and is such a rewarding, satisfying gift that you can give to your family every time you serve them a delicious peanut butter cookiechocolate cake, or a whole grain chocolate chip blueberry muffins that starts they day off just right!

Healthy Baking Is EASIER Than Traditional Baking

The best part? Healthy baking is so easy. It is a lot more forgiving than traditional baking that only uses white flour, butter and white sugar.

  • Many recipes can be made without a mixer!
  • The exactness of traditional baking is not needed with this art form.
  • Most recipes can be made within 10 minutes!
  • The treats freeze very well and make a great healthy breakfast or healthy dessert.

Healthy Baking Recipes Taste Amazing!

Health food stores selling “healthy treats” gave nutritious baked treats a bad reputation. To this day when I eat already baked goods from health food stores, many times they really don’t taste good.

Not only is health important, but things have to taste good too.

The Problem With Nutritious Sweet Treats In Most Stores Is:

  • Often these treats are PACKED with so much goodness that they were dense, hard and tasteless.
  • They are often stale and old, because baked goods should be eaten the same day or put in the freezer.
  • In addition, in the past nutritious treats were limited to whole wheat flour, brans, seeds, nuts, honey and/or molasses. Baking is very limiting in what you are able to achieve using only these ingredients to try and make things taste great.

The great news is that we now we have DOZENS of different flours and natural sweeteners that can be used to create so many wonderful tasting treats! Flours such as coconut flour, quinoa flour, almond flour, barley flour, oat flour, millet flour, garbanzo bean flour and white rice flour to name a few, make for ENDLESS opportunities to mix and match heavenly treats.

Sweeteners such as coconut sugar, date sugar, raw honey, stevia, agave, sucanat , muscovado, and rapadura give everyone the opportunity OPTIONS in how they chose to sweetened their foods. Some of these sweeteners are low glycemic; meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar and others are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that add more nutritional power to your treats.

This chocolate cake has nutritious flours and sweeteners in it, yet you would never know.

This chocolate cake has nutritious flours and sweeteners in it, yet you would never know.

Special Diet Healthy Baking:

People are interested in this form of baking do so for many different reasons.

Some have had health issues and need to eat a certain diet, where others want to eat healthy to prevent problems. Others have humanitarian or religious reasons for how they eat. All these reasons are good reasons to eat nutritiously.

  • Healthy baking (Nutritious and delicious)
  • Gluten free baking For more information go to: gluten free diet
  • Vegan baking
  • Dairy Free Baking
  • Nut Free Baking
  • Low Calorie Baking
  • Sugar Free Baking

How My Interest In Healthy Baking Developed:

Come Join Me With Healthy Baking Fun!

At 38 years of age I ended up having my first baby Max. Then 11 months later came my little girl Sophie at age 39. Scary for any parent, now I found myself responsible for two little beings and I was almost 40 years old! Yickes!

I felt my immortality for the first time and  knew it was important that my husband and I took good care of our kids and  ourselves as we had a long journey ahead to raise our family properly.

After doing a lot of reading about how important it is to feed kids healthy foods, I started making my own baby food and juicing for the kids. I made sure that they didn’t eat any sugar and had a lot of good nutrition to start their bodies developing properly.

Then as they started to get older, I knew that they become curious and at some point would want to try a brownie, cookie or ice cream but I REALLY didn’t want to feed their growing bodies anything that wasn’t healthy.

I also didn’t want their taste buds to only crave salt and sugar and never develop a taste for good food. I really didn’t know how I was going to handle it, because I knew it wasn’t possible to just never eat these items.

My Dad and His Heart Issue:

At the same time, my dad developed a heart issue and the doctors told him that he must have surgery and get a stint. I was so worried, but have so much faith in my dad.

Being the curious person he is, he researched everything he could about health and decided to change his lifestyle versus the surgery. He lost weight and starting eating whole grains, limiting sugar, limiting beef and eating a lot of vegetables, fruits and fish. He also started exercising every day.

It was a MIRACLE.

After loosing 30 pounds by completely changing how he ate and exercising,  in less than 6 months all of his symptoms reversed. His blood pressure was normal, his cholesterol was good, and everything had stablized. He no longer even needed a stint!

He acted like a different person. He had so much energy, was always in a great mood, looked so much younger and felt great. The doctors were even amazed at the reversal just by changing his lifestyle at the age of 70! THANK GOODNESS!

At the same time, my mom lost all of this weight too just by eating healthy and exercising. She changed how she cooked for my dad and at the same time felt better herself. She now wears a size 6 jean and looks and feels amazing! She gardens 12 hours a day and has more energy that you would imagine!

Seeing my mom and dad transform, I was hooked. I realized  how important it is what we put in our mouths and my journey into healthy baking deepened.

How I Got Into Healthy Baking

During this time, my mom was baking my dad muffins from the book “Smart Muffins” by Jane Kinderlehrer. This book is a collection of healthy muffin recipes.

What I thought? A muffin that is healthy? I remember how funny that sounded to me at first.

The first recipe I made, the kids just LOVED the muffins. I watched them eat these treats and it was the most satisfying thing knowing that my kids LOVED the taste and it was healthy for their little bodies. They wanted “more  muffins mommy….more muffins!”

In one instant my whole paradigm was shifted. Baked goods CAN be healthy!

I am tremendously grateful to Jane Kinderlehrer, as she gave our family the gift of healthy baking. I carried this concept over into every type of treat there is including cookies, cakes, muffins, pastries, ice cream, scones, frosting and brownies.

Now my kids enjoy the same treats that every other child gets, but they receive it in a much healthier way. As a result, my kids really do have heart appetites and eat much of the same foods that we do including salads.

So that is my personal story. Would love to hear yours.

Cheers to enjoying all the healthy sweet treats of life and feeling great doing it!

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