Would You Rather Be Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?


Healthy Eating – Documentary Review- “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

Last night I watched an interesting documentary that is available through Netflix called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” I was amazed that most people interviewed in the documentary openly stated that they would rather be fat, sick and nearly dead than change their unhealthy eating lifestyle. 

Is the power of the hamburger, the power of eating a greasy doughnut, or the power of fast food THAT powerful that it is worth giving up life for?

Isn’t this what drug addicts say? The drug takes over and means more than life itself. Have our unhealthy eating habits become like a drug?

Would you rather be Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead or Change Your Lifestyle?

Overview of What Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is About

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary was about a man who seemingly had success in his professional life, but from a health standpoint was very overweight and suffered very poor health. He relied on taking dozens of pills and steroids to manage his health problems. He  had a unique auto-immune disorder that he had battled giving him periodic rashes all over his skin, in addition to the fact that he never felt good being so overweight. 

One day he woke up and decided that he was sick and tired, of being sick, fat and tired!
He did not want to suffer from his rashes anymore, he didn’t want to take dozens of pills, nor he didn’t want to be fat anymore. He made a goal that he was sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted to get healthy by touring around the U.S. and going on a vegetable juice fast.

The documentary is very slow I warn you. However, I think it is slow in it’s design as it gives you time to reflect and also gives you time to notice the slow changes that occur from taking positive steps toward health.

As the documentary progresses, you gradually see the increase in energy that occurs, you watch a very overweight depressed man completely transform into an attractive looking, healthy man with red cheeks and abounding energy.
Best of all you delight at the end that he no longer needs to take the dozens of pills for his sickness. He cured himself by eating healthy and loosing weight.

Shocking Interviews He Conducted From People Around The U.S. About Their Health

#1. Most people interviewed in the documentary stated that they would rather eat whatever “unhealthy food”they wanted to versus living an extra 10-15 years. They would rather eat a Big Mac than to have a better quality of life while they are alive. WOW!

Interview after interview, he talked to people who were very overweight and had their share of health problems.

There was a common sentiment that people would rather die earlier if it means they have to give up foods they liked such as fast food hamburgers.
I find this amazing. Isn’t the good life feeling great every day? Not being sick and having lots of energy? Living a long, healthy life and being there for your kids?

Really?……is a greasy hamburger worth getting sick over and not living as long?

#2. I was also shocked at the fact that people conveyed the belief in the documentary that the “good life” is being able to eat anything they want.

There didn’t seem to be any concept that  the good life is one in which we are healthy and feel enthusiastic, healthy and vibrant every day. Are we living to eat JUNK, or eating to live a long, happy, healthy life?

#3. I was also amazed that the people who were interviewed stated that they would rather stay on medicine than change their lifestyle. They would rather pop tons of pills from the doctor (with all the side affects) versus healing themselves with good nutrition and exercise.

My Conclusion of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

I recommend watching this video. Although I love vegetable juice, yet don’t agree with the concept of fasting at all, that isn’t the point of the documentary at all.

The point is by eating lots of healthy vegetables in the form of juice and by loosing weight,  at the end of the documentary you are able to see  a completely different man. He looked great, he felt great and actually had more clarity in his work which was noticed by his co-workers.

The best part, is he no longer needed to take ANY Of the dozens of pills that he was taking before and the symptoms of his disease went away completely! WOW! 

More happens in the documentary which I don’t want to ruin. Stay tuned.


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