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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading my blog over the past year and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Wishing you and your family happiness and health into the New Year!

This article is about the fact that we have many holiday rituals  in our society that are geared around enjoying the company of others eating brightly colored candies and sweets. One of these fun rituals is to decorate gingerbread men with frosting and candy.

However, you can have just as much fun with your children decorating a gingerbread cookie with healthy ingredients than if you use  chemical laden artificially flavored candy. 

Healthy Gingerbread man

My 3 year old little girl Sophie making her Gingerbread man out of healthy ingredients

Healthy Ingredients You Can Use To Decorate Your Gingerbread Cookie

Before you start decorating your gingerbread man  you will need some type of healthy frosting so the ingredients will stick to the  cookie. Try using my strawberry frosting to create a base that your toppings can adhere to. Then simply fill a piping bag with a frosting tip and  let your kids have fun! (You can buy this in most grocery stores) Beware that frosting will get everywhere, including the floors, but your kids will have a lot of fun.

Next you can use any type of healthy food that you have in your cupboard that would make for interesting shapes, colors and designs. To decorate our gingerbread mean we used blackberries, blueberries,  different types of nuts, yogurt covered sunflower seeds, cereal, oats and/or carob chips. In addition, there are some candy toppings that you can buy also that use natural coloring, versus chemical colors if you need to put a candy on top like natural colored M & Ms.

What a pretty Gingerbread man!

My Kids Were Delighted With Their Gingerbread Men Creations

After my kids creating their gingerbread men, they were so excited. The funny thing is, they ate more of the fruit and nuts on the cookie, than they ate the cookie. (The cookie was purchased from Trader Joes as a present.)

My little 4 year old boy was quite interested in spreading the frosting all over his gingerbread man

My little 4 year old boy Max was quite interested in spreading the frosting all over his gingerbread man cookie.

Decorating our gingerbread men would NOT have been more fun if we used a lot of sweets and processed candies. The fun part was spending time together and doing a fun activity together.

Hope you can have fun decorating gingerbread man cookies the healthy way with your family.

Merry Christmas!

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