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Nutrition Data Exposed | Applesauce

BEWARE OF YOUR APPLESAUCE……. are you kidding me?

What could POSSIBLY be wrong with applesauce you might ask?

In the ongoing “Nutrition Data Exposed Series” we explore applesauce and what you need to watch out for when giving this to your kids and/or baking with it.

There are so millions of moms around the world who give their kids applesauce thinking that this is a “healthy choice” and a wonderful food to have for lunch. This is true if you make it yourself, and this is true if you pick the right brand. Unfortunately this has become more and more difficult to find.   Read More→

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Nutrition Data Exposed- Processed Foods- The Jelly Bean

Today’s profiled processed food in “Nutrition Data Exposed” are the multi-colored, Easter time favorite candy……The Jelly Bean.

A few days ago I made my weekly trip to Costco with my kids to buy groceries for the week. My three year old Max was sitting in the shopping cart singing songs, hoping that they were giving out some yummy food samples. My two year old little girl Sophie was holding my hand with eager delight hoping that the “play house” was still there that has been displayed for the last two weeks.

“What are they mommy, my daughter asked. They are pretty.”
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