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Happy Holidays from Our Christmas Elf!

Tis the season when all the fun traditions come out including the “Christmas Elf.” Every night our super special Elf named Elphie (pretty clever huh), mysteriously moves to a new landing location for the kids to find.

What magic! After finding Elphie our kids read the note that he wrote just for them. After all Elphie always offers some kind of sweet thought, new ideas and/or inspiration to start the morning off right. These adorable messages that us moms write at 11pm spark the wonderful magic Christmas curiosity that kids have, and often lead to the funniest conversations.

This morning Elphie gave a note to the kids where they had an assignment to write down all the ways they try and help their mom and Dad every day. The kids tore into this with excitement and started helping me with EVERYTHING and explaining all the ways they were going to help me. They kept running back to the Elf to make sure he saw and heard what was happening. (Elphie told them he would tell Santa) Never had such an easy morning getting ready for school. Why can’t we have an Elf around 365 days a year!

I tell you these Elfs are MAGIC.  All of us moms can use their magic to help guide your kids with so many positive messages………..including healthy eating. This is how it happened with us.

Christmas Elf Ideas

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Sugar is EVERYWHERE. Even if you don’t eat dessert, most Americans eat much more sugar than the recommended amount to maintain a healthy diet.

Most children eat far more sugar than parent’s ever realize. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat the equivalent of 62 (2 1/2 pound bags) of sugar a year. Can you believe that!

The impact of eating too much sugar is we have a society where 1 out of 3 kids are obese, health problems are on the rise and children’s behavior is more problematic than ever before in history.

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Healthy Eating – Healthy Kids – Picky EatersEdible Art

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for new and creative ideas?

If so, try serving your kids edible art made from fruits and vegetables! It is amazing how much more willing kids are to eat fruits and vegetables when they are turned into an alien, a dog or a smiley face vegetable pop.

After all, we make edible art with sweets and cakes…… why not do it with healthy foods!

It is SO much fun and absorbing thinking of what creation you can make with healthy foods. Then the best part is watching your  kids giggle with delight as they scarf down your healthy creation.
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Healthy Eating- Healthy Kids – Picky Eaters

YES!  Continuous snacking is a big factor why 1 and 3 children in this country are obese  and not as healthy as they used to be. 

A study at Yale showed that high calorie snacking is a major cause of childhood obesity.

In addition, this constant snacking obsession that our society has adopted is  actually TRAINING  our kids to be picky eaters and to NOT eat real, quality food at regular meal times.

As a culture we have gone snack crazy! We are giving our kids way too many low nutrient, high calorie snacks ALL DAY LONG. We give them snacks in between every event and every activity they do. Read More→

I am disgusted. Why, WHY…… do preschools across the U.S. give white crackers to young growing preschool kids for their morning and afternoon snacks? This completely infuriates me!

Actually the answer is clear and simple. White crackers are CHEAP!

White crackers are cheap in EVERY way including the fact that they offer nothing of value to our kids. They have salt, white flour, no nutritional benefits, they don’t fill kids up, nor do they stabilize blood sugar or help bodies grow.

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It’s almost Easter Time! Happy Easter!

As a mom you know it is almost Easter time when all of the stores start to stock as much sugar as they do around Halloween. You will find chocolate bunnies in every size, brightly covered candies in eight shades of pink………….. beautiful cakes decorated like Easter eggs………..and cup cakes that are ornamented with BIG ears, whiskers and a cute little noses.

Do you have kids that TUG at your shirt and want to buy all of it? Every bunny they see?

Yes………it’s Easter time.

We train our kids that Easter time is time to celebrate Easter AND a time to eat lots of SUGAR that is given to us by our HERO………….a hero named  the Easter Bunny. Read More→

Do you have a  little girl who just LOVES princesses? Has your princes loving little girl asked you to have a “princess cake” at her next birthday party?

For any “health conscious mommy” birthday parties are some of the most challenging times; and conflicting feelings can be overwhelming. 

The great news is that you can have a festive “Princess Party” without buying a cake dripping with food coloring and white sugar.

After all if you go to most stores and order a “princess cake,” you will receive a brightly COVERED, beautiful cake with a rainbow of food dyes on them.

Please note, this is the SAME food coloring that is banned for sale in Europe and is believed to create attention  behavior problems in kids. 

In addition, these brightly colored cakes have no whole grains in them (there is not anything to counteract the sugar) and they are loaded with white sugar making your entire party climb the walls and come crashing down irritably an hour later. Sound fun? Read More→

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading my blog over the past year and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Wishing you and your family happiness and health into the New Year!

This article is about the fact that we have many holiday rituals  in our society that are geared around enjoying the company of others eating brightly colored candies and sweets. One of these fun rituals is to decorate gingerbread men with frosting and candy.

However, you can have just as much fun with your children decorating a gingerbread cookie with healthy ingredients than if you use  chemical laden artificially flavored candy. 
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Healthy Eating- Healthy Breakfast

Tis the season to be jolly …………..and  tis the season that unfortunately many of our kids get the flu!

The great news is that by eating healthy foods you can actually improve your kid’s immune system  to either prevent colds and/or enable them to get over colds faster.

In a recent study shown, yogurt, berries and nuts were 3 of the 9 foods that were suggested to help increase your immune system if you eat them every day.
Try eating the delicious triple berry, Greek Yogurt nut treat and watch how your kids will be healthier!

Tonia Reinhard, a registered dietitian and author of Superfoods and Joel Fuhrman, M.D. author of Super Immunity suggested that there were 8 foods that you could eat to help prevent colds. These foods included onions, fatty fish, mushrooms, eggs, beans, greens, berries, Greek yogurt and nuts.   Read More→

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, but do not want the party to be filled with sugar and candy, a toy filled pinata can be a wonderful birthday party activity. Pinatas are typically filled with candy and they do not have to be. Consider filling your pinatawith small toys versus candy to make this event healthy and fun. Most pinatas can be purchased either being totally filled with candy, or empty so you can fill them yourself with anything in your imagination.

Birthday parties do not have to be loaded with candy and sugar to be fun! 
So many parents now are trying to limit the amount of sugar that their kids eat. This can often be a challenge when going to birthday parties every weekend that are loaded with candy, frosting and sugar. One way around this is to simply fill your pinata with toys like rubber balls, plastic rings, dinosaurs, keyrings, and other small toys. You can purchase an assortment of toys from almost any toy shop for the same cost as buying candy and everyone will be delighted.

Click MORE to view several pinata ideas that can use toys versus candy.

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