Health Benefits of Carob


Carob chips and carob powder are wonderful to use in healthy baking. They can be used instead of chocolate and/or a combination of chocolate. In being a mommy of a two year old and a three year old,  I have the natural desire to want to bake sweet treats for my little pumpkins, but I have NO desire to give them sugary chocolate that is unhealthy for them and carob is a wonderful, healthy alternative.

This Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie with Carob Chips is AMAZING!

Why Bake With Carob Chips and/or Carob Powder?

If you are not familiar with carob, it is a powder that is ground for the pods of carob trees. Carob is naturally sweet, unlike cocoa that chocolate is made out of. In order to make chocolate sweet it has to be processed with sugars and chemicals and carob does not.

Health Benefits of Carob Chips and Carob Powder

CAROB: The biggest reason carob powder is healthy for you, is it is natural. Carob come from the pods of Carob trees and they are naturally sweet. Carob doesn’t undergo the extensive processing that chocolate does to make it taste good. Carob  therefore doesn’t have the additional sugar, corn syrups, chemicals, additives and processed chemicals that chocolate does.

Carob is SWEET right off the tree how do you like that!

And there is more………………!

  • Carob is caffeine free (great for kids)
  • Carob does not have theobromine, the stimulant that is harmful to dogs and cats.
  • Carob aids with digestion and is thought to help prevent lung cancer.
  • Carob is used to stop diarrhea. (An old remedy and great to use with kids)
  • Carob is high in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E which is good for your skin and bones.
  • Carob has anti-viral and anti bacterial properties that can help keep kids healthy. (This is a result of the gallic acid that is in carob)

Do Kids Like Carob Chips and Carob Powder in Baked Treats?

My kids LOVE carob to the point that carob chips were actually used as their “potty training treat.”

I put carob chips and carob powder in so many things including carob chip peanut butter cookies, carob brownies, carob chip cookies, chocolate banana phyllo dough with carob chips, carob chip blueberry muffins, carob muffins, carob latte’s for mommy, carob ice cream and carob whipping cream.  I must admit that my carob baked treats can be SO good by anyone’s standards.  I particularly like the taste of carob chips, and often use them in my healthy baking recipes. Just go to the search box and type in “carob” to see all the recipes.

So for all you healthy living mommies who want to bake delicious sweet treats for your little ones, try using carob powder, carob chips, unsweetened cocoa and grain sweetened chocolate chips as a substitute for “sugar processed chocolate” and feel good that your kiddos are eating healthy treats.

Don’t forget, it is recommended to store carob powder in the fridge! Enjoy!

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  1. Living Healthy Mom says:

    Hello Rene- So happy you enjoyed the article. Thanks for letting me know. Stay tuned for several carob recipes I will be posting.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi, I was wondering – How do you cook with carob powder without it tasting grainy? My powder tastes grainy even when I dissolve it in hot milk! Maybe it is the brand? (shiloh farms).
    Also, the thought of melting carob chips seems better, but isn't there sugar added to carob chips?
    I love carob and I really want to start baking with it all the time! Please help!
    Thank you!
    ~ Amy

    • Amy-Great question! I know exactly what you mean by the carob powder being grainy. A few things that I have found to help this. FIrst of all, when heating carob powder in milk, you need to heat at a super low temperature and whisk it constantly. (For example when you are making a hot carob drink) Also, carob powder should be placed in a sealed container in the refrigerator as soon as it is opened, and then it will last for about 12 months. Lastly, carob powder is typically lumpy, much like flour. This can add a grainy texture to baked goods. To solve this, sift the carob powder before it is placed in your baked goods. If you don’t have a sifter, a pasta strainer works just as well.

      Regarding carob chips, this is my favorite way to add carob to my family’s diet. Sunspire makes unsweetened carob chips.

      I know other brands also offer unsweetened carob chips as well. However, you bring up a good point of how important it is to look on the label of anything and make sure they are unsweetened. I am sure there are some carob chips out there that have sugar in them. Sunspire only adds milk powder and palm kernel oil to the carob powder to turn it into chips. It is delicious. I use this all the time in baking. Hope this helps!

  3. Cameron says:

    Good post. I only ask that you please do not speak of chocolate so harshly. The chocolate that you are used to contains high amounts of processed sugars but does not have to. Newer raw chocolates do not fit into your chocolate category. With some fine tuning with a blend of natural and raw ingredients it can have a sweet tone that compliments cacao.

  4. sherri says:

    I make my own carob "chunks" by mixing 1/2 cup carob powder to 1/2 cup coconut oil. Wisk it really well and pour into a glass pie plate and then stick in the freezer. After it is frozen, I chunk it up with a knife. It is wonderful on its own. But I also add almonds, sunflower seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes after pouring it in the pie plate. Makes a delicious and healthy treat.

  5. Tomoe says:

    Your websites are fun and innpriisg. Us vegans need more positive stuff like this around. It’s so adorable – who wouldn’t be able to appreciate this?! With all of the American children out there eating nothing but Mac N’ Cheese from a box & overprocessed chicken McNuggets, I love to see that your son eats multitudes of veggies and a wonderful varieties of food. I myself do not have children, but people seemed shocked when I say that I will raise my future children vegan, as though they’ll be missing out on something. This just goes to show that your little shmoo isn’t missing out on anything – in fact, I’d say he’s got better lunches than 99.9% of the first-grade population! I hope you don’t mind, but I dedicated a blog entry to you in my own blog – . Again, what a great site and thanks for the smiles!