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Remember reading about “Green Eggs and Ham,” from the classic and timeless childhood author Dr. Seuss?

We all know that by eating a healthy breakfast of green eggs and ham, (perhaps without the green) that we will be receiving a powerful, “complete protein”  to start our days off right.

What most people don’t know is that you can eat blueberry muffins, pancakes, waffles, biscotti, cookies and/or scones made with whole grain flours like Amaranth or Quinoa flour, and you can also enjoy a complete protein breakfast, or snack!

 Did you know that eating whole grain muffins, healthy cookies, scones and pancakes made with Amaranth flour or Quinoa flour will offer you the same quality of protein that you would from green eggs and ham?

Do you want to eat green eggs and ham, or Amaranth blueberry muffins to get your protein?

Quinoa Flour and Amaranth Flour-A Complete Protein

Actually, many parts of the world derive almost all of their protein requirements from whole grains.

There are very few whole grain flours such as Amaranth flour and Quinoa flour, that are considered to be a “complete protein,” meaning they have all 9 of the essential amino acids that your body needs to function properly. This is amazing!

Most whole grains, such as the traditional whole wheat, are missing one or more of the amino acids to make them a complete protein. Therefore it is required to “combine” these flours with other sources of protein to get a “complete protein.”

One of the amino acids that is commonly missing in plant based proteins is lysine. The great news is that Amaranth flour in particular has two times the amount of the amino acid “lysine” as whole wheat.

Much like eating beans and rice to make a complete protein, or eating whole wheat toast and peanut butter make a complete protein, most whole grains need to be combined. Amaranth and Quinoa do not, as they are complete in and of themselves.

Exciting Opportunity To Bake With Amaranth And Quinoa Flour to Make Protein Filled Treats!

Isn’t that exciting!

By baking with Amaranth flour and Quinoa flour, you can eat delicious treats that have complete proteins in them. 

The National Academy of Sciences reported that Amaranth had a better amino acid balance than cow’s milk or soy milk, and was named as being one of the of the best sources of vegetable proteins there was.

The other benefit of combining Amaranth and Quinoa flour with whole wheat, is it gives your baked treats a much lighter and delicious taste. We have all eaten something made with 100% whole wheat. It is heavy, and typically doesn’t taste good. When you combine whole wheat flour with lighter flours like Quinoa and Amaranth, you get the best of all worlds.

Try some of the protein packed Living Healthy Mom Recipes made with Amaranth flour or Quinoa flour including:

Grandma's Oatmeal Pumpkin cookie was made with Quinoa flour and is a complete protein.

Happy Baking With Amaranth and Quinoa Flour!

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  1. Umaralipk says:

    Ultimate Health Cookie Recipe – Quinoa Cookies. It would be nice if the NUTRITION-INFORMATION (like calories, carbs, prieton, fiber) facts were published with this recipie. I’m knew to quinoa and would like to see this info as I’m trying to follow a low-glycemic diet and miss my cookies, pastas and other traditional high-glycemic-index foods.