Benefits of Agave Sweetener


Agave is one of the many natural sweeteners that are available on the market. Agave syrup, otherwise known as Agave Nectar, is very easy to bake with and is ideal for creams and ice creams because it dissolves well in liquids. In addition, Agave enjoys the well known health benefit of having a “low glycemic index” so your kids will not be bouncing off the walls after eating it! You can buy Agave in health food stores and/or online, and is sold as either as RAW AGAVE, organic Agave, or Blue Agave.

Raw Agave comes as a syrup that is similar in texture to honey.

Baking Benefits of Agave

In regards to baking, Agave shares many of the baking benefits that refined sugar offers.

  • Agave helps keep moisture in your baked goods
  • Agave helps with the preservation of your baked goods
  • Agave Nectar helps give a nice browning affect to your sweet treats.
  • Agave Syrup is also a great choice for creams and ice creams as it dissolves well in liquids.

Health Benefits of Agave

Agave sweetener is most known for having a low glycemic index of only 30 GI, compared to white sugar and high fructose corn syrup which is MORE than double this number. (Lower is better)

The benefit of  eating foods that have a low glycemic index is the prevention of blood sugar being spiked. When your blood sugar spikes, people have mood swings, they go through feelings of having lots of energy to suddenly feeling drained and sluggish.

If you are a mom, then you have  witnessed first hand how kids act after eating white refined sugar.

In addition, if blood sugar goes up and down on a regular basis, then people become more prone to obesity, type II diabetes and  high blood pressure. The fact that Agave has a very low glycemic index is a wonderful health benefit of eating it versus white sugar.

How To Replace White Sugar For Agave:

To replace 1 cup of sugar for Agave do the following:

  • Replace 1 cup of white sugar for 2/3 cup of Agave.
  • Reduce oven temperature y 25 degrees
  • Reduce the content of other liquids slightly.
  • Agave is best stored at room temperature and can last up to a year.
  • Where to Buy High Quality Raw Agave Online?

    You can often save a lot of money buying natural sweeteners online in bulk. Since Agave Syrup can be stored for up to a year,  you can buy a bigger bottle and save money. A company that sells a high quality raw Agave that I really like is “Wilderness Family Naturals.”

    Wilderness Family Naturals


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