My name is Kirstie Berzanski and I am the Living Healthy Mom.  I am a mom of a 5 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. In addition I am a business owner and an advocate of healthy living, eating and baking.

My goal is to help make healthy living not so complicated. Moms have dozens of things to juggle everyday and healthy living can feel overwhelming.

How does one live healthy? Where do you start from eating properly, cooking healthy, baking, cleaning, shopping, personal care and more?

I TOTALLY understand how overwhelming this can be, as I was there at one point myself. When I had kids back to back (11 months apart) at age 38 and 39, health awareness become my top priority. Also, when my dad completely reversed a heart problem with healthy eating and exercise when the doctors said it couldn’t be done, my commitment grew to a full out passion. I TOTALLY believe that you have the power to change your life completely for the better if you commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

The best reason for having a healthy home is you are giving your kids the best opportunity in life to be healthy, to be full of energy and to feel great. You are also giving yourself and your husband the best shot to be as healthy as possible, disease free,  and to FEEL WONDERFUL. Isn’t that what it is all about!

I work very hard to never stop learning about everything related to healthy living and to raise my family with this commitment.  The findings of my research is shared with you, my valued supporters. Please comment, write in, and providing your insights and expertise so we can all be helped the most.  To contact me, click here.

Please join me on a fun adventure of living healthy, being happy, healthy and FEELING GREAT! Please contribute your ideas, thoughts and opinions even if they totally different from mine!

Why Is Living Healthy and Eating Healthy So Important For Moms?

As a mom, we wear so many hats in caring for our children.

One of the very important hats that we wear is being in charge of the health of our kids, our own health and our husband’s health. This is not always the easiest task of understanding what is healthy and what is not.

The Living Healthy Mom site provides information on how to bake healthy desserts, snacks, breakfasts and more, in addition to articles about healthy eating, healthy foods and living healthy tips.

My hope and dream is that Living Healthy Moms’ can unite together, share information and help our kids lead healthier lives!

The Sweet Satisfaction of Healthy Baking

One of my passions is healthy baking.

Sweet tasting desserts are such an enjoyable part of life and who said they have to be unhealthy for us.
Using the Living Healthy Mom baking approach you can bake delicious muffins, cookies, breads, cakes, puddings and more using healthy flours and natural sweeteners so you can literally “have your cake and eat it too!”

There is not a better feeling in the world than feeding your children a healthy cookie that they love, yet you know it is really good for them.

I am very excited to share my HEALTHY and DELICIOUS whole grain baking recipes with moms, grandmas, grandpas, dads, aunts, uncles and kids of all ages and thank you for your interest.

Healthy Eating Articles and Information

Mom’s are responsible for what our kids eat. If you cook it yourself, or you buy food in a box, the food that our children eat directly affects how healthy they will be, how alert they will feel in school and how effectively their little bodies will grow.

If you are the person who cooks in the family, what you eat also affects your health and your husband’s health. It is difficult to care for children if you are overweight, and/or not healthy.

Join me on a fun exploration of healthy foods, how to buy healthy foods, healthy cooking tips and knowing what is in the food we buy.

  • Be sure to read the “Nutrition Data Exposed” articles to really understand food labels and what is in processed food. I do the research for you so you don’t have to.

Living Healthy Articles

As moms, we are also responsible for all aspects of the home. You can eat very well, but if you home is loaded with chemical sprays, and you are ingesting tons of plastic chemicals, your kids health is sabotaged an example.

  • Be sure to read articles about healthy cleaning, the danger of using plastics, healthy furniture, skin care, natural sunscreens and living healthy articles that make our lives better.

About The Living Healthy Mom

With two kids under 5 (11 months apart), and in being an older mom of 43, I am passionate about healthy baking, healthy eating and living a healthy life. I believe in feeding my family healthy foods such as vegetable juices, whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, organic cheeses, milk and meats and YES healthy baked treats made from whole grain flours and natural sweeteners. I don’t use plastic in our home, I don’t use chemical sprays and am always exploring ways to run a healthy house.

As a mommy, I believe that giving our kids the “gift of health”  is one of the most important gifts I can give to my family. Love and health is so important, and as a mom who loves your kids we try and give them both!

My Goals of Living Healthy Mom

1. One of my healthy baking goals is to develop a healthy, scrumptious recipe for every type of dessert there is including every type of cookie, cake, muffin, cup cake, pudding, pie, tart, pastry, cream, mousse, ice cream and more! Please join me in the countdown to reach my goal.

2. My second goal is to provide helpful information about processed foods, that mom’s will stop buying it and in industry will be forced to change what we give to our kids. Moms’s can unite and change what foods are sold in our stores.

3. My bigger goal and desire of creating Living Healthy Mom site, is the hope that my living healthy articles and information will reach the hands of millions of families who will have healthier, happier lives as a result of healthy baking, healthy eating and living healthy tips.

Mom’s can unite together and share powerful information to help each other.

Contact: If you would like to contact me to do a guest post, if you have a question about healthy baking, and/or you are interested in having me write an article on your publication, please click contact and I will get back to you ASAP.

Cookbook Authors: One of my goals is to help promote all of the healthy cookbook authors that I love.