Whole Grain Apple Coffee Cake Recipe

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Hot, delicious, apple coffee cake is simply divine in the morning. It is particularly wonderful when you know it is good for you, it gives you energy, is healthy for you, and makes you feel great after you eat it! Your family will benefit from eating healthy every morning!

There is nothing that smells better in the morning than walking down the stairs in your PJs as a kid and your mom is making coffee cake. What a great start to the day. Warm coffee cake radiating “homey” smells of goodness throughout the air.

In our family, every Saturday and Sunday we enjoy a special breakfast together. Try this recipe next weekend and enjoy!

Healthy coffee cake

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5 Easy Peasy Steps To Squash and Break Any Bad Habit!

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As the beloved mom of your home, do you have any bad habits that you would love to change? Is there something that you are doing that is destructive to your health and/or your well being? Is there something you are doing that you wouldn’t want your kids to follow or emulate?

Bad habits differ with everyone. They could be negative thinking, raising your voice, drinking too much, eating junk food, drinking sodas every day, eating too much sugar, leading a passive life without exercise, eating processed foods, watching too much tv, eating processed foods, gambling, being messy and the list goes on.

Do you have a bad habit you want to change?

The question is WHY do people continue with bad habits? How could all of us know deep down that they are doing something that is bad for your health or well being and not change?

  • Why do people keep drinking soda pop despite all the destructive evidence of what this does to your bodies?
  • Why do people keep smoking when they know they are more likely going to get Lung cancer and a host of other diseases?
  • Why do people not exercise when they know that it is one of the best things you can do to prevent diseases of all kinds and feel so much better each and every day?

The reason is simple.

When we as humans perceive that the BENEFITS we get from continuing our bad habit are GREATER than the perceived benefits of changing the habit; we will not change. It is a basic pleasure/pleasure concept. Yes it’s about pure pleasure with habits. Where do we think we get more. From our habit, or the results of changing our bad habit?

Until the perceived PLEASURE of the changed new habit is greater than the pleasure we currently PERCEIVE we are getting from our bad habit, then nothing will occur.

The wonderful news is it actually EASY to change any bad habit you have by following these 5 simple steps and by deeply and fundamentally understanding this concept. Read More…

Happy Holidays from Our Christmas Elf!

Tis the season when all the fun traditions come out including the “Christmas Elf.” Every night our super special Elf named Elphie (pretty clever huh), mysteriously moves to a new landing location for the kids to find.

What magic! After finding Elphie our kids read the note that he wrote just for them. After all Elphie always offers some kind of sweet thought, new ideas and/or inspiration to start the morning off right. These adorable messages that us moms write at 11pm spark the wonderful magic Christmas curiosity that kids have, and often lead to the funniest conversations.

This morning Elphie gave a note to the kids where they had an assignment to write down all the ways they try and help their mom and Dad every day. The kids tore into this with excitement and started helping me with EVERYTHING and explaining all the ways they were going to help me. They kept running back to the Elf to make sure he saw and heard what was happening. (Elphie told them he would tell Santa) Never had such an easy morning getting ready for school. Why can’t we have an Elf around 365 days a year!

I tell you these Elfs are MAGIC.  All of us moms can use their magic to help guide your kids with so many positive messages………..including healthy eating. This is how it happened with us.

Christmas Elf Ideas

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Another Reason To Educate Children to Eat Slowly

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How many times have you asked your kids to eat slower or they could choke! Well not only can choking happen, but you can also get food stuck in your esophagus if you don’t chew enough.

“Slow down eating,” I always tell my kids. “Chew your food, eat small bites and enjoy the taste of your food. You can choke if you put too big pieces of food in your mouth I often explain. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth” I say.

Now I have learned that not only can people choke, but literally you can get food stuck in your esophagus. This is more common than choking. This is called Esophageal Food Blous Obstruction, otherwise known as “The Steakhouse Syndrome. This is different from choking, as the food is stuck in the esophagus and can be very dangerous.

It is so common that a nurse in a big city told me she has 2-5 people a week come in for this issues at that one hospital. Multiply that around the world and the numbers must be staggering for both kids and adults. It is most common with steak, hence the name but it can happen with any type of food.

Hard candy is a common item for kids.

It is important for us moms to know about this, because particularly with well done steak it is critically important that adults and kids chew REALLY well.


Steakhouse Syndrome is common where the food becomes stuck in the lower part of the esophagus.

Steakhouse Syndrome is common where the food becomes stuck in the lower part of the esophagus.


How many toxic chemicals do you clean your home with and simply not know it?

The average person in this country is exposed to 72,000 chemicals a year. In addition,  the average home has 62 toxic chemicals that can be found in their cleaning supplies and most people have no idea they are so dangerous for your health.

These chemicals can be found in all types of cleaners,  perfumes, paints, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics.

There is little to no regulation in this industry which leads the average consumer to just “trust.

Did you know………….?

  • The National Cancer Society completed a 15-year-old study concluding that women who stay home with their kids versus go back to work have a 54% higher chance of cancer. The study linked this to a higher exposure of the poor indoor air quality in homes. Read More…

Healthy Recipes- Sweet Breads – Pumpkin Bread

Wholegrain pumpkin bread is a WONDERFUL healthy baked treat that makes a quick healthy breakfast   and/or a great food choice to put in your children’s lunch box. (Just store this delicious bread in the freezer and take a piece out the day you want to eat it.)

There are so many healthy pumpkin treats you can make if you buy a Costco size can of pumpkin puree including pumpkin muffins,   pumpkin cookies, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin pie and even pumpkin ice cream.  Pumpkins are LOW in calories (only 15 calories per 1/2 cup) and loaded with nutrients that are so good for your body.

The GREAT NEWS in the “Wonderful World Of Pumpkin Baking” is It Reduces the Need for Extra Fat!  There is only 1 tablespoon of oil in this whole recipe! I have also made this  same recipe with no oil and added a tablespoon more pumpkin puree.  Read More…


13 Tips On How To Decrease Sugar Consumption Without Knowing It

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Sugar is EVERYWHERE. Even if you don’t eat dessert, most Americans eat much more sugar than the recommended amount to maintain a healthy diet.

Most children eat far more sugar than parent’s ever realize. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat the equivalent of 62 (2 1/2 pound bags) of sugar a year. Can you believe that!

The impact of eating too much sugar is we have a society where 1 out of 3 kids are obese, health problems are on the rise and children’s behavior is more problematic than ever before in history.

How do you manage the level of sugar that you and your children eat? Read More…

Healthy Eating – Healthy Kids – Picky EatersEdible Art

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for new and creative ideas?

If so, try serving your kids edible art made from fruits and vegetables! It is amazing how much more willing kids are to eat fruits and vegetables when they are turned into an alien, a dog or a smiley face vegetable pop.

After all, we make edible art with sweets and cakes…… why not do it with healthy foods!

It is SO much fun and absorbing thinking of what creation you can make with healthy foods. Then the best part is watching your  kids giggle with delight as they scarf down your healthy creation.
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Are Too Many Snacks Turning Kids Into Picky Eaters?

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Healthy Eating- Healthy Kids – Picky Eaters

YES!  Continuous snacking is a big factor why 1 and 3 children in this country are obese  and not as healthy as they used to be. 

A study at Yale showed that high calorie snacking is a major cause of childhood obesity.

In addition, this constant snacking obsession that our society has adopted is  actually TRAINING  our kids to be picky eaters and to NOT eat real, quality food at regular meal times.

As a culture we have gone snack crazy! We are giving our kids way too many low nutrient, high calorie snacks ALL DAY LONG. We give them snacks in between every event and every activity they do. Read More…

I am disgusted. Why, WHY…… do preschools across the U.S. give white crackers to young growing preschool kids for their morning and afternoon snacks? This completely infuriates me!

Actually the answer is clear and simple. White crackers are CHEAP!

White crackers are cheap in EVERY way including the fact that they offer nothing of value to our kids. They have salt, white flour, no nutritional benefits, they don’t fill kids up, nor do they stabilize blood sugar or help bodies grow.

Are any other parents TOTALLY frustrated with this? Read More…